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Does cardio burn muscle?

    “Hey aerobics, the 1980s called and they want you back!”   That seems to be the mantra around the health and fitness circles these days. A lot of coaches,

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Stop bad habits!

          So today was an interesting day. I had to attend a course in the afternoon called "What's driving us" -It was basically an awareness

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Crunches suck – here’s why

          When you think about getting a shredded set of six pack abs, what exercise first comes to mind? For most people, they'd probably think

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Have you hit a plateau in your training?

    So, I had a friend of mine ask me for some advice. This friend was training regularly and trying to lose some weight but his efforts had stalled somewhat and he asked me what

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Meat vs Vegetables – Which is a better source of Protein?

What weighs more? A tonne of bricks or a tonne of feathers? What the hell does that have to do with meat vs protein you may ask? Well the reason I ask this question that has had many people baffled is

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