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As I write this blog post, rain has delayed the final in Australia between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The game, if anyone’s following it or interested, is very tight but going Novak’s way.

The fitness of these athletes to go 4-5 hours, playing at their top level, really does impress me but what impresses me more is the ability of the athletes to remain calm under pressure (for the most part at least).

Keeping focus and a level head is crucial in all aspects of life and not only in competetive sport.

One of the keys of success is mental toughness.. top level athletes, especially fighters, have that in abundance! It’s the ability to remain calm under pressure and courage under fire. Any poker players in the house will understand the term “Full Tilt”. The term being Tilted in poker refers to when you’ve lost a hand and your emotions get the better of you and you make bold and haphazard decisions. A full tilt is when you just stop thinking altogether… Again, it’s all mental toughness and the top poker players too have this, just look at how cool the top players like Negreanu, Helmuth, Brunson et al just stay so calm.

So a tip for today is to develop mental toughness!

Now back to the tennis!


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