Book Review – Training for warriors by Martin Rooney


Martin Rooney, for those of you that don’t know, is an expert when it comes to functional training for pro athletes and fighters. Having worked with some of the worlds top fighters and athletes including NFL, NBA and MLB stars.

To me, Martin is to fitness what Tony Robbins is to the world of self help and not only does he share great wisdom when it comes to training for fights or for competition in any sport, but his wisdom of life or his “Rooney Rules” are very thought provoking.

Anyway, back to the book.

Any fighter who takes their training seriously would like to get stronger and more conditioned. The trouble is, the fight sport industry is littered with die hard traditions and old school mehods of doing things. In today’s day and age where we have all these new scientific break throughs in training, it is important to keep upto date and learn how to not only train harder but smarter as well.

With the advent of mixed martial arts as a mainstream sport and mixed martial arts athletes dedicating their lives to their training, we now see a new wave of combat sports fitness routines and many of them can be found in this book. Rooney goes through a detailed journey around the world focussing on various arts that will interest not only a mixed martial artist, but any martial artist or fighter from any discipline. His travels take him from learning Muay Thai in Thailand at the legendary Fairtex gym, Kickboxing in Holland with Meijiro gym, Boxing, Sambo Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Western wrestling and boxing and combines traditional training methods with more modern practices.

The book has a comprehensive collection of excercises and detailed photos of each with discriptions. It also contains a series of “Warrior” Challenges where you can measure your current level of fitness and conditioning in various areas, training programs to improve on those areas and the Warrior challenges also make a great way of charting your progress!

Whilst the book is geared more towards practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts, anyone from any style of combat sport can

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