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I thought i’d have a bit of a (light hearted) rant and this time, my rant is aimed at the cardio bashing bodybuilder. You know the type, they think Cardio is for girls and avoid it like the plague and if you even approach a treadmill or piece of cardio equipment in the gym, they’ll give you a ferocious look and yell at you, “Bro! Do you even lift?”

Now, just to clarify, I actually don’t care if people miss out on their cardio, that’s up to them. What annoys me is the amount of bodybuilders out there who are trainers and profess to being “Fitness coaches” or say they’re in the “Fitness Industry”.

For some inane reason, most likely perpetuated by the sports supplement industry and societies demand that we look like Adonis, Fitness and Aesthetics seem to be in a mutually exclusive relationship. The trouble I have with this is my definition of fitness is pretty old school, it actually means you’re fit, you have good cardiovascular fitness levels, a relatively high VO2Max (A measure of your Aerobic capacity) and a decent Anaerobic Threshold. In other words, you can perform a physical activity such as a sport for a prolonged period of time before you reach fatigue.

Before I carry on, of course, I appreciate that bodybuilding is a physical activity and throwing weights around does require fitness, but when bodybuilders and coaches who call themselves Fitness experts but are only keen on ho good they look, then I take issue.

Frankly, Some bodybuilders are far from fit. Case in point, My wife had the great pleasure of looking after one of the worlds biggest (pardon the pun) names in Bodybuilding. I won’t name drop just in case this gentleman seeks me out to bench press me (Although i’m pretty certain if I walked away from him at a brisk pace, i’d be able to get away from him). Anyway, I Digress, This former Mr O had trouble getting up and down large flights of stairs without gasping for air and suffered from narcolepsy to boot… apparently though, he’s the king of fitness?!?

Do you catch my drift? Another thing that irks me is the advice given by such fitness pros to eat a certain way or train a certain way that “maximises gains”… fair enough, if gaining muscle is your main thing great but again, don’t call it fitness if the diet or training sacrifices heart health or brain health (Some diets tend to neglect these).

I saw a facebook post by one of these type of coaches, you know the type, usually very arrogant, think they know everything because they’ve read the latest issue of Muscle and Fiction or heard the latest tid bit of bro science in the locker room of their local gym. The post showed a picture of British Olympic Heptathlete, Jessica Ennis alongside British Marathon running legend, Paula Radcliffe.




As you can see from the following pictures I’ve posted, they’ve both got two different physiques. Jessica has a more muscular physique whilst Paula’s body is a typical lean long distance runner’s body. The Facebook post from this so called Fitness expert compared the two and said “Who the fuck would want to look like Paula when you can look like Jessica”? I instantly though to myself, “Err, Dear Meathead, Paula does you prat!” At the end of the day, Paula and Jessica’s bodies may look different due to the different adaptations to the stress they’ve put on their bodies but I have to salute both for going out there and becoming world beaters in their chosen sports. At the end of the day, Sport and fitness are not about looking great in a pair of jeans and a crop top… I’m not quite sure what the female equivalent dress code is for said meatheads but i’m sure it’s skimpy enough with some aggressive slogan embossed somewhere.

Anyway, to end my rant, I’d just like to say one thing to these type of coaches and bodybuilders, No, you’re not in the Fitness Industry, You’re in the Aesthetics industry.

Now i’m going to keep a low profile for the next couple of days before I get attacked by some carb depleted ape but don’t worry about me folks, I will just run away, they won’t follow me because they’ll lose their gains bro!

(Just so you know, this was a bit of a light hearted rant with a bit of a serious undertone. I have many friends who are bodybuilders and compete in Aesthetic events, really, I just get annoyed with the arrogant coaches calling themselves fitness experts so if this post pisses you off, you’re either one of the said coaches, need to lighten up or both, I suggest a 3o minute run to clear the mind 😉 )

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