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Carb back loading vs No carbs at night

I have decided to write this more as a personal rant than anything else but I do hope that people find something useful contained within… Now, one of the biggest buzz words within the realm of fitness

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Build a Bullsh*t Radar

  You know, earlier last week I happened to be in Waterstones, which if you’re not sure is a book store in the UK. I was meandering around the health and fitness section of the store which

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10 things you can do today…

Everyone wants to get healthier and fitter but for some people, they’ve got so much to do in their day that the thought of setting aside time for going to the gym and preparing food is just a luxury

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The worst mistake made when trying to lose weight

  Okay here it is folks, This is, in my estimation, the number one and quite possibly, worst mistake people make over and over again when they try to lose weight, heck I know it is an easy trap to

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