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Emergency Bikini Diet Plan

  It's June, it's officially summer and your holiday is only a few weeks away! You've been so stressed out with work, life, the kids and everything else in between that

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Summer fitness tips

I get asked a lot about tips to get fit and look good in time for a holiday or for summer. I can totally understand this one. No one wants to look uncomfortable or wear layers upon layers in the hot

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Am I insane? Why I am laying down in Costco? The reason might inspire you!

      FEAR So, those are my feet in the picutre above. I was in Costco over the weekend and I was lying down. But why was I taking pictures of my feet, had I gone

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What I learned from being surrounded by 11 cheerleaders

    So, Cheerleaders, What's not to like huh? Especially if you're a red blooded male like myself or that way inclined. They can dance, look great and provide entertainment

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New years resolution a frustration?

    Before the start of the new year, I created a video presentation entitled "Why new years resolutions suck!" (You can click the title to be taken to the video if you

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