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Keep calm and curry on!

One of the questions I seemed to get asked a lot from friends and family about fitness and dieting is “Do I have to give up Indian food”? Indian food is renowned throughout the world for its

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Eating 101

Ok, this one sounds like a no brainer but it amazes how we know that we need to eat but most of us don’t know HOW to eat. Just yesterday at the gym, I was speaking to someone who asked me for advice

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Supplements – Are they essential?

  I had an interesting conversation yesterday after training with a few guys at the gym. Whilst some of us were there mixing our post workout shakes in our branded shakers, a few guys questioned

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Why is protein important

Protein seems to be a big buzz word in the vocabulary of anyone interested in their fitness or sports nutrition and rightly so as it is one of the macronutrients alongside fats and carbohydrates (Yeah,

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