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Fitness Tid Bit One of the major keys to success in fitness, or indeed in any other endeavor, is consistency. It is effort expended in a consistent manner that allows your body to adapt and change. To

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What’s in your supplement? Part 1 – Protein Shakes

Hey there folks! You may or may not know that I’m a huge fan of Fitness guru Martin Rooney. Martin has written many successful books and has worked with some of the worlds top athletes including

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Why weighing yourself is not always a good measure.

  When most people want to get fit and lose some weight, the first thing they do is weigh themselves. This isn’t always a bad thing don’t get me wrong but this blog post will go into

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What’s your Somatotype?

Ever wondered how some people just naturally get more muscular with the same or less amount of training that you do or why it is that some people find it hard to put on muscle or find it too easy to gain

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Everyone loves a Rocky Story

Let’s face it, Rocky Balboa is one of the movie screens most loved characters. Inspiring millions of people from multiple generations.This simple yet lovable Italian American pugilist has won the

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