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So, Cheerleaders, What's not to like huh? Especially if you're a red blooded male like myself or that way inclined.

They can dance, look great and provide entertainment (I'll keep it at that and keep it classy, okay?)


But there's one thing about cheerleaders I don't get! Seriously, I am from England and I love watching football and many other sports but I never understood the purpose of cheerleaders in American Football. Apparently it's something to do with motivating the team and the fans but we don't need them in English footy!


Anyway, I'll get to my point about cheerleaders in a minute but thought I'd tell you about the time I was surrounded by 11 cheerleaders and practically had my pick of them…

I was 18, at university and wanting to try something different. I decided to try out for the University of Kent Falcons, that was the universities American Football team and it was a new thing for them so it was all very exciting.


Only 13 people actually made it to the try outs and cheerleading practice/tryouts was the day before. Needless to say, everyone bar 2 (who really were not good at all) that came made the team and to this day, I still have no clue what my position that I was picked for does. All i know it was called a running back and I was given that position because I was fast. To convince us to stay on the team, the coach called in the cheerleaders from the day's practice before and said, "guys there's 11 on the team who made it today and 11 cheerleaders, guess that's one for each of you" – Right, pretty misogynistic and frankly didn't do a thing for me because I wasn't interested in that. As for American Football, I didn't carry on training because I wasn't too keen on all the laundry I had to do after every practice but thank Thor for that one because I decided to do Kickboxing instead, and as you know, that took me far!


So, fast forward to my point about cheerleaders.


Cheerleaders are supposed to motivate you and fill you with rah rah. At half time they'll shout cute slogans like "you can do it" and "you're the best" etc but when shit gets fundamentally real, as it does in life and when you have goals. When you're struggling to meet your expectations, fitness, weight loss, whatever, you don't need a cheerleader to tell you that everything is gonna be okay.


What you need is a coach. Put it this way, It's half time, you're losing and your game sucks. The cheerleaders are telling you what you want to hear, You can do this! but the coach, he/she knows the game, in fact they know your game. Maybe better than you know your game because they have the knowledge and the experience to move things forward. They tell you what you need to hear hombre!


And how many times in life do we get the sympathetic shoulder from our friends telling us, Chill out, things will be fine. And maybe they will but frankly, that doesn't help. I tell you what, I would rather someone tell me, "You know what, it won't be fine because you're f**king up grand style if you carry on what you're doing. So suck it up and do this instead" and

provide me with a solution then just a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

Now, I am not that course. My clients will tell you that whilst I make sure that they're giving it their 100% and not slacking, I have a very motivating and warm way of putting that across and if you're not where you want to be with your health and fitness, if your weight is more than you feel it should be, If you can no longer fit into those skinny jeans because of the Christmas excess, then you're going to need to have the solution


So, My question for you today is this. Do you want the solution or a shoulder to cry on? Will you listen to the coach or the cheerleader?!


If you're ready to listen to the coach then get in touch with me without any further hesitation and we'll hatch out a game plan… I'll even bring pom poms with me if it makes you feel happy! – Click here to book your fitness consultation http://fahadmaniar.com/fitness-consultation/


I leave you with a quote from not only one of the best American Football coaches of all time, but also of one of the best sources of motivational quotes on the planet, Vince Lombardi (His story by the way is amazing!)

"Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary failures."

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