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It's June, it's officially summer and your holiday is only a few weeks away!

You've been so stressed out with work, life, the kids and everything else in between that you've just realised, you've not really hit the goals you wanted to to get bikini ready for the beach in time for your holiday.

Well, stress no more because here are some emergency tips to get into bikini shape in just 2 weeks (obviously, it depends with where you're starting from but follow these tips to see results either way!)

1. Cut out the sugar – It's time you got serious about this one and stopped with the sugars! No more soda, sugar in your tea/coffee, beverages like lattes, frappes and even taper back on bottled juices, smoothies and low fat foods like low fat yogurts etc… Most of the food labelled as low fat has high sugar content anyway.

2. Drink more water – You know, most people don't drink enough water and even a small degree of dehydration can lead to all sorts of issue. Being optimally hydrated will help your metabolism run efficiently as well as help you flush out any excess water you're retaining.

3. Lower the carbohydrates, especially the starchy carbs! It's now fairly common knowledge that excess carbohydrate consumption leads to weight gain and that cutting carbs can help against the battle of the bulge but short term, lowering carbs has a diuretic effect meaning you'll lose a lot of water weight initially giving you a trimmer look.

4. Supplement with fish oils – I use this with my clients after reading the research by Dr John Berardi and all my clients who take this advice of supplementing with 2-3g of fish oils per day have seen drastic results in as little as a week! Fish oils have a high concentration of EPA and DHA which help mobilize fatty acids as well as other amazing things!

5. Drink green tea! – There are things in green tea such as antioxidants that are good for you but also something called Catechins which help burn fat

6. Exercise – A no brainer this one but 20 minutes of high intensity exercise 4-6 times a week including resistance training will definitely help you

7. Eat more protein and good fats – The bulk of your diet should be around good quality proteins and good fats such as oily fish, lean meats, eggs and good fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, flax seeds and oils, chia seeds and oils. Dense leafy greens and non carby veggies like Broccoli etc

8. Take the 14 day fighting fit challenge! It's designed to help you with exercise tips, recipes and motivation to help you get in better shape in just 14 days. Check out http://www.teamfightingfit.com/challenge14 for more details

For more advice, tips or ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch with me and we'll book a consultation call!

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