Everyone loves a Rocky Story

Let’s face it, Rocky Balboa is one of the movie screens most loved characters. Inspiring millions of people from multiple generations.This simple yet lovable Italian American pugilist has won the hearts of many people around the world. Fighters and non fighters alike gain motivation from Rocky films. From the sound track to the story of the film. The tale of an underachieving and seemingly uneducated boxer from the rough end of Philadelphia’s from small club fighter to champion of the world is one of the silver screens all time greats.

Much like his character in the film, Sylvester Stallone also went from zero to hero. After being elected at school to most likely get the electric chair, he was to watch a boxing match on tv at a bar where he thought the movie telling the story of a down and out boxer making it big would be a hit. Movie producer’s however tended no to agree with him and those that thought his idea had some merit were then giving him rejection after his stipulation that the lead character, Rocky Balboa, was to be played by himself… This didn’t stop Sly who kept going until someone agreed to his terms and the rest as they say is history.

Now, Imagine if you will, how successful a movie franchise Rocky would have been if he was a charismatic  cocky, sharp witted and triumphant boxer? Would it have inspired millions around the world if he had already been a success from the start? My opinion is probably not. You see, everyone loves the under dog and sometimes in life, we’re at the stage where were the under dog too but like Rocky, you’ve got to dream big, believe big and knock your obstacles out hard.

Keep persevering, if you believe in yourself enough, it doesn’t matter if you’re the underdog… sooner or later, someone will hear you bark!

I leave quote from the latest offering in the franchise which I believe to be one of the finest motivational quotes of all time!


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