Get your feet wet!

Did you see the picture I posted on Facebook on Sunday? It was of my feet! How exciting I know! Well actually it was to make a point. You see, I was wearing wet trainers at that point and had just finished a workout. My socks were soaked and I was uncomfortable. Why did I have wet shoes and socks? Maybe some crazy new workout regime or science that boosts performance and recovery in athletes? Nah, I was gardening the day before and I was wearing my training shoes and got them really muddy and they had to be washed and didn't dry in time.



Why do I share this with you? 

Because right before I went for the workout, I said to myself, Man, I really don't want wet socks and train in wet shoes. it would be uncomfortable and I hate when I get my socks wet!

At that point I had a choice. To be comfortable and not workout that day, or to get the damn thing done and be uncomfortable. So, I packed an extra pair of dry socks for after the workout and said to myself, "SUCK IT UP SNOWFLAKE, WE'RE GONNA GET'R DONE!"

The point isn't to impress you with my manliness but to impress upon you that if you have a goal, if you need to do what needs to get done then chances are you're going to sometimes have to be uncomfortable doing it. Actually, I wasn't  at all uncomfortable during the workout, only before because I was so focused on training that I completely forgot about my wet feet and that's usually the case isn't it?

So, next time you have to do something and you know you're going to feel uncomfortable, ask yourself how important this task is to your goal, does it need to get done? If so, DO IT! And remember, success requires you to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Stay the course my friend!

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