How far are you willing to go to get it done? RIP Nelson Mandela!


Yesterday, the world lost a leader. And not just any type of leader. In the history of world leaders in the past couple of centuries, I can not think of one mand whose legacy united the world at his death than Nelson Mandela.

Here’s a man that could not only lead a nation against opression, but lead himself against opression too. In the face of life imprisonment, he never gave up, In fact, he actually showed is captors kindness and made friends with his enemies, never giving up on his ideal that the black man shall be free in South Africa.

People like Nelson are rare entities in this world but inside us all are people with ideals. My question to you today is, Just how much are you willing to fight for your ideals? Are you willing to not let 27 years of imprisonment get you down?

Nelson Mandela has not only freed the black people of South Africa from the evil Apartheid system but also tought us that no matter what our circumstances, if we act with a positive will and keep our stance towards our principles strong and are even willing to die for them, then we can persevere.

In his own imortal words, I leave you with this quote, “It always seems impossible until it is done”

If losing weight and getting fit seems impossible, get it done!
If getting out of debt and living an abundant life seems impossible, get it done!
If overcoming adversity seems impossible, get it done!

Whatever feels impossible to you, get it done… Now, I am off to heed my own advice :)

Have a great weekend, See ya next week!


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