It’s been a while…

Hi gang!

I know it’s been a while since I last updated this blog. No i’ve not given up on fitness and combat sports… More to the contrary, the fire inside me to make a name for myself in this industry and as a fighter burn brighter than ever.

I’ve been training hard in the gym and am in the best shape of my life. Granted, I didn’t get the results I anticipated last year, I believe all the setbacks were a set up for something bigger and better.

This year, I want to bounce back stronger. Both as a Fighter and in the fitness industry. I’m hell bent in making a name and a 6 figure income in this business so I’m going to share my journey on my blog!

This should interest fitness professionals looking to make it big in the industry too because I’ll be sharing resources and what I’ve learned along the journey. This will be alongside the usual fitness, motivation and combat sport related posts :)

Oh, and just a heads up. I’ve joined up under Internet Marketing expert Brian Campbell for mentorship under his Internet Expert  Apprenticeship Program and i’m currently working on launching something very cool that will help  hundreds around the world get fighting fit soon!


Until next time!


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