Personal Training

Whether your goals are to lose some weight, get fitter, learn to defend yourself or prepare yourself for competition, I can help you!

I have over 12 years of experience in health and fitness, am a qualified Kickboxing Black belt and instructor as well as an active professional fighter and certified MMA Conditioning Coach. I know what it feels like to be out of shape, believe me, but I also how to get fit and stay fit! My years of research and trial and improvement on myself as a human guinea pig have armed me with both knowledge and experience of what works and what doesn't work to get fit, healthy and be able to fight competitively. Whether you wish to fight or  not, my training combines elements of personal training as well as Muay Thai and Kickboxing training that will see you reach your goals in a fun and safe way that's backed by science.

Why personal training?

Well for the first part, it is personal which means it is personalised :) We can all read articles in magazines or ask a friend for advice but everyone's bodies are different and react to different stimulus. This includes both nutrition and exercise. Also, we all have different goals. A good personal trainer takes into account your bodytype, goals and other factors to help you maximise your training potential. Personal training in Leicester with myself means that we can work together towards helping you achieve your fitness goals in the safest and most timeliest manner.

What does training consist of?

Before I go into how I train people, let me get one thing straight. I am not a jack of all trades personal trainer. I don't take on board clients just to make money and tell them I can help them if it's not my area of expertise. If you want to compete at the next Mr Olympia show or have aspirations at being a big bodybuilding bahemoth, then sorry, I'm not the man for you. If you want to get fitter, sport specific fitness, learn how to eat better, lose weight, tone up or learn the skills of combat sports then I can help.

Basically My expertise is in the following:

– combat sport specific training
– Fitness and sport specific fitness
– Stripping body fat whilst toning up
– Nutritonal coaching and performance related nutrition
– Combat sport conditioning
– Weight loss

My training isn't your standard run of the mill personal training. I don't' stick you on the treadmill and chat to you about Eastenders for 10 minutes then plonk you on a few weight machines. I prefer to get you to work and mix things up a bit! I will be your coach and your friend, don't worry! Workouts will incorporate:

– Muay thai and Kickboxing style pad work
– TRX Suspension training
– Weight training using free weights and machines
–  Cardio Training
– Bag work
– Body weight training and Plyometrics
– MMA style Strength and conditioning work


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