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So, I thought i'd give a raw and unbiased Protein Works review. The UK based supplement company that have really positioned themselves as a big company now and sit nicely along side other online custom protein companies.

Before we go on, I want you to know, I have tried A LOT of different shakes and supplements by a lot of different companies of the past few years. I have found companies that I am very fond of and some that I wouldn't force feed to an enemy and, I am sure a lot of you guys out there have tried a fair few too. So,, this is going to be an unbiased yet experienced view on The Protein Works. Remember this is just a review. If you want to check out their website for yourself, go to Protein Works' Website 

A few years ago, The British government decided tha they're going to cash in on the fitness industry and decided to place VAT charges on protein supplements (in other words, as you may remember, Protein prices shot up by 20%). It cause a huge furore in the fitness industry especially because crap like Slimfast and other weight loss shakes were exempt from the VAT addition. This made me rethink about my protein supplier as now, Cost would be a factor as well as quality and taste. 

You may have noticed the protein works adverts plastered around Internet and were curious to find out about their products as I was and it wasn't until a friend of mine recommended them to me that I bit the bullet and ordered from them. 

The first product I ordered was called TPW, Their flagship product which was reasonably priced and to my surprise, came in some really funky flavours including cherry bakewell and lemon shortcake. I ordered the Cherry Bakewell one expecting it to taste nothing like a cherry bakewell however, when I received my order, along with some freebies they were kind enough to send me, I was surprised as to how good it tasted. 

From a taste point of view then, I would heartily recommend the protein works products. Is it the best tasting protein I've ever had? No, certainly not. There are far better tasting protein powders out there on the market but you may have to pay the premium for them.

Mixability was good, It mixed without clumping which is a big thing for me since I use a shaker after the gym like most people and not a blender. The one thing that lets it down is its slightly thin consistency however, this is remedied by adding less liquid and probably reflects the companies stance of keeping the product as natural, pure and as free from any unecessary crap as possible.

Now, this leads me onto a few interesting points about Protein Works. Firstly, They're very keen on making sure everything is as natural as possible. To the point where I have begged and pleaded with them to create a chocolate peanut buter flavour protein powder as well have many others.The answer is consistently one that they have tried to make a natural flavoured choc/pb (Snickers) shake but can't create one that tastes great. That commitment to quality of ingredients, taste and keeping their price competitive is very reassuring.

The second point is the companies pride, not only in the quality of their products but also in their inovation. These guys are literally working round the clock to deliver new products fast, and they are usually pretty awesome (I definitely recommend the Almodn and Cherry oat protein bars!) including new bars, paleo proteins, proteins sweetened with stevia, protein pancakes and as of yesterday, Sugar free maple syrup without nasty chemicals and crap!


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One thing I wasn't too keen on were their Protein Cookies though. They had too much "glycerine bite" to them but hey, if that's your thing, you might like it.

As you can Imagine, based on their extensive product range, I have not had a chance to try most of their products. I have tried a fair few things and instead of reviewing each of everything I have tried, I will just do a tops and flops for you:


TPW PROTEIN: TPW is their blend of whey protiens. It is a staple supplement in our household because of the quality and taste as well as price (80 scoops for abou £39.99 and that's before any of their offers). Mixes good and tastes fine, does what it says on the tin then. As protein's go, this product scores the following marks:


Taste 4/5
Mixability 5/5
Quality 4/5
Price 5/5
Overall 4.5

Almond and Cherry Protein bars: I am a huge fan of Flapjacks. The trouble with most regular flapjacks is that they are laden with sugar and fat. You do get the healthier variety such as protein flapjacks but like most protein bars, they are dry tasting and have an ingredient list of chemicals longer than Sadam Hussain's shopping list. It's refreshing to know then that Protein works do a great bar without many of the nasties that taste amazing. They even do a choc chip flavoured one. – Seriously, If you haven't tried these already, YOU MUST ORDER A BOX, you'll thank me later!


Taste 5/5
Texture 5/5
Quality 4/5
Price 5/5
Overall 5


Super Greens: Super Greens is another staple in our household. Let's be honest now, most people do not get enough greens in their diets so it's good to have a supplement that can give you all the minerals vitamins and antoxidant properties of eating your greens in powdered form. And for those of you that find drinking greens drinks hard, they even have flavoured varieties. I have tried the Mandarin Orange flavoured super greens and I swear, I didn't even think I was drinking a greens drink.

Taste 3/5
Mixability 4/5
Quality 4/5
Price 5/5
Overall 4



Protein Cookies: As I have previously mentioned, they had too much bite and I couldn't really enjoy them.

Rum and Raising Ice Cream flavour: I bought a small pouch of this whey protein flavour and have to say, I found it tasted pretty poor. Mind you, I suppose, it is rum and raisin but it did have an almost soapy taste to it… better to stick with Vanilla or Cherry Bakewell. Their Mocha Latte flavour is very nice too but gets boring fast. 

The final point that I'd like to share with you and one that keeps me going back for more is the incredibe and frequent offers this company puts out there for its customers. It's almost a case of wake up this morning and see what Protein works are going to treat us to today? Maybe a discount or a freebie? Who knows but it keeps things fresh and fun and for the customer, keeps us happy because we're getting discounts and free stuff, heck, refer a friend and you get £5 and they get free protein. That's pretty clever marketing but who cares, we're getting something i've never seen any other company do.

So, In conclusion, After having tried a wide range of the Protein Works products, I can safely say that for value for money, for quality  and for inovation, they're hard to beat. The protein shakes are slightly watery and taste good but are not the brand leaders in taste (but then again, taste varies from person to person, you may think they taste amazing – unlike nothing you've tried before), WHen it comes to innovation and offers though, they are second to none in the Supplement industry. Just signing up for an account with them, you'll see this first hand. I would definitely recommend giving them a try especially if you're looking for supplements that you can trust to be formulated with the minimum amount of chemicals, crap and other nasties and be affordable. Shopping online is easy with them and to be honest, their cheapest delivery option  To visit Protein works, you can click the following banner.


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