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So today was an interesting day. I had to attend a course in the afternoon called "What's driving us" -It was basically an awareness course for drivers who do naughty things (I got caught going through a red light and I'll spare you my reason why aka sob story). The thing with this group was that I have never been with so many people with a victim, "why always me" mentality. 

They blamed the police, the government, other drivers, everyone but themselves and interestingly, we were given an analogy about how people justify their behaviour through a video about a woman trying to lose weight. The video shows a woman going into her fridge, looking for some food for her dinner. She says she knows she needs to eat well but she really wanted a pizza. She then justified eating the pizza by making the excuse that she had a few good days eating and that she saw her neighbours eating take aways and other crap. 


Have you ever done that? Have you ever rationalised bad habits or reinforced them in this way? If you ever have and spot this, it's time to stop

You see yesterday, we spoke about decisions. Now, here's the powerful thing about decisions. Once you've made them, your mind works to reinforce them. In the case of the actress in this video, her character had made the decision to eat the pizza from the very beginning. Once the decision was made, she justified the reasons why and made every lame a$$ excuse as to why she as okay and justified in her actions.


I did that tonight myself actually. I had to miss the gym because I had too much to do thanks to the course and to top it off, my daughter is a bit under the weather so I didn't want her to be out and about because she wasn't home and I needed to take her home then get to the new studio we set up to get some equipment assembled. 

To be fair, I may have a good enough reason but I still justified it!


Anyway, back to the course. another video we were shown was of a guy who smoked cigarettes but didn't really care about the consequences. (I know what you're thinking, shouldn't they have shown videos of driving?) The main gist of this video is the guy knew the risks but used the old "it will never happen to me" spiel. But this video got me thinking more about fitness than about the consequences of taking risks like driving a little too fast or running a red light (yeah, I get that they're bad things to do and I will drive more carefully, I promise! but I can't stop thinking about fitness and how to help other people with their fitness goals). So anyway, One of the things with smoking and smokers is you never really see what's going on inside your body and most people only get the message when it's too late and have contracted emphysema or worse, cancer. The thing is, the same applies to eating a poor diet and not exercising enough. We never see the damage going on inside our bodies until it's too late. Even tell tale signs of weight gain to morbid obesity isn't enough yet why? Well, I'm no expert on human psychology but I would be confident in my own understanding of it to say that one of the major reasons is because we have a habit and like our friend the smoker, he's got the habit which again, he's rationalising and justifying by saying it will never happen to him and that all of his friends smoke and that they're fine too.


Sure, they may look fine on the surface but you don't know what's going on on the inside.

The point I am tying to make here is that sometimes we have negative health and fitness habits that we know are not serving us well. We know we are eating too much sugar, fat foods and refined foods and not doing enough exercise yet we rationalise this behaviour by saying that it' all okay, that there's nothing wrong with being "curvy" or that exercise doesn't work blah blah blah – Look, this isn't a lecture telling you how you should be a stick thin super model, far from it, The issue here i that if you know you've got bad habits, you need to stop reinforcing them and justifying them with weak reasons as to why it's cool otherwise it might just be too late!



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