The positive thinking trap

When you have a desire and a goal, whether it’s a fitness goal, a dream to be a professional athlete at the higher echelons of your chosen sport, a great business person or just an outstanding parent or person within your community, it is safe to say that having a positive mindset and positive attitude will serve you far more greater than a negative one.

Ever since I was introduced to personal development back in 2005, I have read many books, attended many seminars and got hooked on motivational quotes and memes posted online through various social media by positive people however, I have made an observation that isn’t so positive… in fact, too much positivity is not a good thing either!

Wait, how can you be “too positive”?

When positivity alters your perception of reality to the point that you believe that magic will happen, then I’m afraid to tell you that you’re in trouble. “But Fahad, Rhonda Byrne said in The Secret, that all you have to do is put put good thoughts and vibrations and your dreams and wishes will come to you”… If you’ve just thought that then let me share with you a little secret. In fact, it’s no secret at all but take a look at some of the best people in their field.

The Muhammed Ali’s, The Bruce Lee’s, The Richard Bransons’ etc They’ve all achieved greatness, not through meditating on positive vibes and thoughts alone but through a combination of that HARD WORK.

We live in a time now that people are trying to avoid the hard work, everyone is looking for the easy option, that one get rich quick scheme, that one diet pill or workout or “six pack shortcut”, Again, there are no shortcuts to success. If there were, do you think people like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Floyd Mayweather would know about them?

A couple of months ago I touched on this in a Vlog I posted, if you haven’t already seen it, scroll down a little and you’ll find it but I thought it was worth bringing back up because of the countless times I see people trying so hard to achieve their dreams and that’s great but when you believe that positive thinking alone will bring you your goal.

So what is the positive thinking trap?

I believe that people get caught up in the trap of positive thinking, that they spend copious sums of money and time on books and seminars, heck I was like that too, seeking that one tidbit of information that will make all the difference. I used to see people I referred to as Seminar Junkies. They’d attend all the positive self help seminars and walk around with a plastered smile on their face and a cheap suit from Tescos (nothing wrong with the suit part, you have to live within your means I guess). They’d do everything the gurus would tell them, including buy their latest programs, their past programs, their books and the books and programs of all the guest speakers at the events. They’d wonder from event to event, repeating their affirmation statements whilst facing west and having the thermostat set at 21 degrees because the guru has told them that this is the best way to program their subconscious mind… What get’s me is if equal effort was just put into work then how much difference would be made? Instead, these junkies remained in a perpetual yet blissful state of being broke.

Motivational expert John Assaraf puts it quite bluntly when he talks about the Law of attraction in his book, Having it all. You see, John was one of the experts from the movie “The Secret” and a lot of the experts on that movie have denounced The Secret to being nothing more now than “Bubble Gum Personal Development” – He says that one of the laws that didn’t get mentioned in The Secret was the Law of GOYA.. this law is the law that all successful people have in common regardless of whether they’re nice people or horrible people, whether they say positive affirmations and read all the books or not… So what’s the law of GOYA? it’s simple, GOYA stands for GET OFF YOUR ASS!!!

In other words, If you’re not creating momentum and moving towards your goal, all the positive thinking in the world is not going to help you. Of course, more can be achieved with a positive mindset than a negative one, I appreciate and fully endorse that notion but there are those that dangerously believe that nothing is impossible. Sadly, There are things that are impossible and there has to be an element of realism in your goals. I get berated by my positive thinking friends some times for questioning the whole “nothing is impossible” notion – Well here’s a story for you, a true story and I won’t mention any names but I know a guy. The guy is a fighter who unfortunately has one of the worst professional records I have seen. He has become a phenomenon on the internet, not because of anything positive but he has become the laughing stock of the fighting world. he’s riddled with injuries, jobless and trying to support his kids. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a really nice guy (Success though, doesn’t care about nice) but despite all his fighting foibles, He has a very positive attitude that he’s going to hit the big time and get a major contract with one of the top promotions in the world. He always affirms to himself that his phone is going to ring and the promoter is going to invite him to fight for his organisation and look, I can’t hand on heart guarantee that that will never ever happen, but the likelihood is so so low and in the mean time, Don’t you think he should just pour his positivity and enthusiasm in something that will support him and his children better?

I’m not saying he should give up on what he loves or even cling onto that dream but it’s got to the point now that it could have serious and negative repercussions on his family.

Think about it this way, if you’re driving down a 100 mile motorway and you only have enough petrol (or gas if you’re American) to do 50 miles at best, then putting a smiley face sticker on the gauge and repeating “I have enough fuel to get me home” isn’t going to cut the mustard or as Tony Robbins puts it, just saying “There are no weeds in my garden” does not mean weeds will not grow if you don’t tend to the garden in the first place!

Be positive but practice pragmatism :)

Have a great day!



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