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I am proud to announce that I have written and released my first book which has been published on the Amazon Kindle platform and available for download from Amazon (Click the link to visith the page)

The book, "The Psychology of fitness – The "Fitness Secret" Exposed" Aims to go over the foundations for fitness and health success that so many other trainers and authors seem to neglect or over look. Whilst there are hundreds, if not thousands of books on developing the correct mindset for financial success, I have not seen a single book discussing the foundations for health and well being success so I took it upon myself to write a practical guide to help people achieve their goals and maintain their well being for the long term.

I am currently quite interested in understanding the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit in an attempt to understand how to have "it all" and this book is all about creating the mind and body connection. So, if you are looking at getting fit and healthy and not sure where to start or how to start, then this book has been written with you in mind!

Please go check it out over at

I've priced it at a very low, affordable price so that as many people can read it as possible as I am all about helping people and, if you do happen to purchase it, please would you do me a huge favour and review the book so I can feedback as I'd love to write more!


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