The view from the top

I saw this image today and it reminded me of an experience I had a little over 10 years ago…



After I had finished my final year at University, I decided to head off to Thailand for a month to do some training at a Muay Thai camp based in Chiang Mai in the north of the country. The north is known for being quite hilly and Chiang mai wasn’t much of an exception as it features a mountain called Doi Suthep. On Wednesday mornings, the boxers would run up Doi Suthep to a lookout point located some 3 miles up the mountain road. An arduous task to say the least.

One morning I decided to brave it and go for the infamous mountain run. We were advised to set off early in the morning as it was cooler then. The run was quite possibly the hardest run of my life as I was not accustomed to hill running especially at such a constant gradient incline but I pushed on. As the morning sun rose, it got warmer and warmer. My legs were screaming at me telling me to give up and every car that drove by filled me with envy. I’d pass Bhudist monks who would walk down from the temple high in the mountain for their daily collection of food and other tithings.

Eventually I made it to the lookout point where we were all to meet. It was a small picnic area with an over view of the city. Words simply cannot describe the feelings I had at that moment. The beautiful view combined with the euphoric feeling you get after you complete a workout were out of this world! It really is true, no matter how hard the journey is, the view from the top is worth it!

My story reminds me every time I feel like giving up that it’s going to be worth it. No matter how much your body screams at you to give up, keep pushing forward.

Oh and by the way, on the way down, we were all loaded into the back of a pick up truck. As we enjoyed the feeling of the breeze on our sweaty skin, we passed an old man running up the mountain. I was told that whilst we only made it half way up, this 60 something year old gentleman would run all the way up the road and back every day! How inspiring is that?

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