What can we learn from “Crystanbul”?




what can I say but the events of Monday night left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a sadness in my heart :(

I am of course talking about the football game between Liverpool and Crystal Palace. A game that not only did Liverpool have to win in order to maintain their title chances, but dominate to close down a goal difference that is better held by our title rivals, Manchester City (Don't worry, if you don't get or like football, there won't be any more technical stuff).

So, I was happy, we were winning and comfortably. Up 3-0 and looking like scoring more until we let one go in and it was 3-1. I knew what was going to happen so I switched off the TV. My premonition came to pass, we drew the game 3-3, all but ending our title ambitions.

Now, what does any of this have to do with you and your life? Well actually, there's a few lessons to take home from this.

Firstly, a personal lesson I learned. As upset as I was after the game, It dawned on me that I had absolutely 0 input into that game and the outcome of that game, be it good or bad would have an effect on my mood but made a massive influence of a big fat zero on my family, my health, my finances or my personal well being and I couldn't allow something that had 0 effect onto the 4 most important things in my life to effect my mindset so I brushed off my shoulders and thought, ah screw it… So, lesson #1 from this episode is not to get emotional attached to an outcome you have little to no control over (and even then, there are lessons to be learned, remember yesterday's lesson from the ring! if you didn't get the law of the ring, you'll need to subscribe to my mailing list by filling the form on the right hand side of this page)

Secondly, I asked myself, Did Liverpool actually subconsciously scuffer their own chances of winning that game? Was there a gremlin within their mindset that was so deep routed into their subconscious from years of failure that tripped them over that hurdle on Monday night? Psychologists would believe that there was a strong possibility of that happening. I mean, have you ever tried something, got so close but continued to mess up at the last minute? You try really hard to lose weight for example, you work out and start eating healthy but then all of a sudden, you get that strong, almost uncontrollable urge to have just one chocolate biscuit, and you then talk yourself into having 2 or maybe even more? Our subconscious minds are a very powerful thing and it is very important that we program them for success!

And finally, Failure is never fatal and success is never final. On other words, what has your failure or slip ups taught you. Are you ready as you think you are for your goal or do you need to work on some areas to improve yourself. This is a tough question to ask because sometimes, we feel as though we truly do deserve to succeed but the fact that things didn't go our way, upon close inspection, can show us a few chinks in the armour of our high expectations. For example, in my last fight, I had prepared really hard I was fit, focused and fired up but I ended up losing the fight and fair play to the guy I fought, he smashed me up real good. I believed to my very core I was going to win, I expected to win but I didn't come up trumps. I was angry at the world, at the universe and at myself but the truth is, I didn't deserve to win because I wasn't strong enough or smart enough to beat him. I played to his strengths and it was just unfortunate but, I can learn from that defeat and believe me, I have definitely been working on my weaknesses so next time I get back in the ring, I will be stronger and more deserving!

And remember, it's not Final either. There's always hope, Man City could slip up 😉

So, keep your guard up and chin down and above all STAY THE COURSE! 



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