What’s the missing secret?

Have you guys heard of the Secret? It is a famous movie that got turned into a book released in 2006 which has got a cult following. The premise of the book is a watered down version of the Law of Attraction. The Law of attraction, in a nutshell, states that whatever you give your attention to, you receive. In other words, what you think about most, you attract into your life. Other Clichéd sayings include “Thoughts become things” etc.

Now, I have my own interpretation of the Law of Attraction and whilst I do believe there is a lot of merit to the idea that our thoughts are far more powerful than we tend to believe and that all things have a frequency, I do tend to get a bit annoyed with the way in which the Secret and simillar books are written. The style certainly attracts the “Have something for nothing” crowd. You know the type, they’re always looking for the easy option, that magic pill or bullet to get them what they want the easy way.

The people looking for that one diet or workout to give them the body of their dreams quicker, the pill to help them incinerate fat or that system that will finally help them make money in their sleep. I personally am of the belief that if you want to achieve more than you have now, you do have to put some work in.

Here’s a Vlog I recorded today to share with you my thoughts and opinions on the subject including an experience I had earlier this week.

So there you have it, Hard work is in my opinion, the missing secret. Whilst positive thinking is a key factor in achievement and living a prosperous, healthy and abundant life, we wouldn’t get anywhere without actually taking action. Success is attracted to action. Think about it, who will be more successful? The positive thinker that does nothing or the negative Nancy who actually does something? Even if you were to win the lottery, you’d need to take the action of buying a ticket!


I’ve always wondered if people who claim to be experts on the subject of the Law of attraction could prove their point by sitting at the top of a mountain and manifest amazing things such as wealth etc… Unfortunately, these people tend to prey on insecurities in people. There are far too  many people who are upset and insecure about wealth and their health and relationships that they’d be willing to give anything a go and even cling to a good ideal. Again, I am not knocking positive thinking or in fact that being on “vibrational equilibrium” with what you want, I am simply asserting that without actually doing work, hard work in most cases, you’re not going to get what you want. (I have just done reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne, author of the Secret, and she states that you can get things without hard work but a lot if not all of the evidence in her book is anecdotal and coincidental at best).

As for becoming what you keep thinking about? Well I have yet to become a gorgeous firm round female ass 😉

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