What’s your excuse?


I came across this inspirational picture today and thought of sharing it on my blog.

Now, I’m far from perfect and can definitely pinpoint excuses that I make for myself that keep me from going to where I want to go but fundamentally, this photo speaks volumes.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words but the words that accompany this picture succinctly say it all. We hold excuses that we believe to be true that keep us from moving forward towards our goals. Reasons why we can’t be fitter, more sucessful, abundant and have better relationships.

Excuses such as, I just cant lose weight, I haven’t got enough time, I haven’t got enough money, what if’s and should nots…

Are they really valid reasons or are we clinging to them because the perceived pain of going out there and achieving our goals is seen as higher than where we are now? I leave you with that question.

Have a great day!


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