Who’s your Benchmark?

This morning, my lovely wife was looking for motivation in order to reach her fitness goals so she started looking for people that have attained the physique she’s working towards in 2012. This act is a very motivational and powerful tool to not only keep you going but to give you a constant reminder of what you’re after.

It’s part of a visualisation excercise that some people call dream boarding or vision boarding, where you collect images of things you aspire to be, do  and have such as cars, holidays, houses etc but for the purpose of this blog, which is related to fitness, I’m going to set a challenge to you to find images of a person or people you’d like to benchmark yourself against.

You can of course have more than one and they can be for various different reasons, be it aesthetic, overall health etc. You can even expand this into other areas such as financial, career or character benchmarks.

This reminds me of what world renowned motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins says, “Choose someone who is the best in your field and do what they do” in other words, this exercise will help you because you can find out and study the person(s) you’ve chosen!

I’m going to share one of mine and I do hope you’ll share yours with me in the comments.

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