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As we approach the turn of the year, it is common to see people update their facebook statuses or tweet the fact that 2014 is going to be their year. Yes folks, just as 2013, 2012 and other years were going to be their year also, 2014 somehow is going to be that miracle year too.

Now, this may sound harsh and a bit demotivational but let me explain what I am getting at. You see, the new year is a fantastic time for people to rethink and set some new goals, or resolutions. The trouble with resolutions is that most people don’t stick to them. In fact, A study in 2007 from the University of Bristol showed that a staggering 88% of people who set New Years resolutions failed. So what is it that sets people up for failure?

The trouble is a few things. Firstly, from a psychological point of view, our subconscious mind which is the autopilot force of our lives already knows that the resolutions are not going to work. After all, how many resolutions have you actually set, stuck by and saw through? So, as soon as you say you’ve set a resolution to lose weight, make more money, quit smoking etc, your sub conscious has already said, “Ah, a resolution? meh!” and you will not have the driving force to see them through.

So, what can you do to see that your resolutions do come into fruition and not just another good intention that goes to pot?

Get the info!

Well, Firstly, you must be serious about the intention and understand what it will take to get there, i.e. the price to pay! It’s not good saying you’re going to lose weight, sign up for a gym membership and eat nothing but weight watchers for a few weeks, You’ve got to really really want to lose the weight and you’re going to need to learn the best way to do it. Arm yourself with the right knowledge and you stand a better chance. Luckily, we live in an information age and whilst we are often met with information overload and conflicting information, it is actually easy to now to seek the advice of experts in any area of our lives we choose to better.  For health and fitness, there are many experts available online such as Professor John Berardi, Martin Rooney, John Spencer Ellis or even myself! If you’re looking to earn more money, You may need to check out the advice of experts such as Robert Kiyosaki. There are thousands of experts writing thousands of books on thousands of subjects, so knowledge is not the problem.

You see, there’s a saying. Knowledge is power but I call BS on that because if knowledge was truly power, then we would all be walking around in greath health and well being because everyone has the knowledge to not smoke, eat healthy and exercise. True power is in applying the correct knowledge.

Get into the habit!

Remember my favourite quote? “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” Aristotle said that and it is so so soooooo true! You see everything you are right now is a result of the routine habits you do. If you are in great shape, chances are, I can predict with certainty that you have good eating and exercise habits. If you’re not in great shape, then again, I could probably guess with a good percentage of getting it right that your habits on eating and exercise are not good. If you’re broke, look at your habits with money. If you’re alone and unlucky in love, perhaps  again, you need to change your habits. This is a very powerful tool in order to achieve your goals and resolutions! Once you set a goal or resolution, it is time to find the habits that you need to adopt to achieve them.

Maxwell Maltz, the author of the book Psychocybernetics, said it takes 21 days of repeated action to form a habit. So, if exercise and health are on your resolution list, just signing up for the gym is not going to be enough. 21 days of healthy eating and going to the gym until it becomes routine, and you’ve got more chance of sticking by your resolution and being in that 12% group that actually achieve their goals.

Be Accountable!

Ever heard about being hung by the tongue? That’s when you make a goal or intention public knowledge with someone you trust and can hold you accountable. If you have a goal you wish to hit, tell someone who you can trust that will not only hold you accountable but will motivate you and check in on your progress. If you have a coach, they would be the best person to hold you accountable and if not, it may be an idea to hire a coach, be it a personal trainer, life coach or financial coach. A word of warning though, do not tell too many people of your goals and certainly, do not make yourself accountable to someone who demotivate you, criticise or put down your goals or you.


One of the best methods on setting goals are to make them SMART. I’ve written on this before. Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. There’s no  point setting vague goals like you will be thin in 2014, be specific such as you will lose exactly 20lbs by June 2014. As for being realistic, I don’t buy into the whole “nothing is impossible” crap. That, my friend, can be a dangerous way of thinking. look, let’s be honest. You’re unless you’ve had a lot of training, you’re probably not going to beat Usain Bolt’s 100m record no matter how positive you are and no, you’re not going to give a natural birth if you’re a man either!

You can do it!

Now for the motivational bit, You can be in the 12% of people who do achieve their resolutions. The key is simple, Take massive, consistent action on the right knowledge until it becomes a routine or habit. Once again, if health and fitness are in your agenda for 2014, then stick with me kid! Keep an eye on the blog regularly, join my mailing list or contact me to see how we can work together to help you achieve your goals!

Have a fantastic 2014!

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